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Description: It's after hours at Helix Studios. Everybody's gone home and headquarters is black. Everybody that is, except Kyle Ross and the fresh lad, Sam Truitt. Kyle has brought Sam to show off his recent desk and let the tall, tattooed teenboy-wrecker check out a entire lot greater amount. The kisses were unfathomable & ardent, but Kyle wastes little time in getting down to business. Even throughout Sam's jeans, this chab can watch & feel that the rumors this guy'd heard were true and can't assist but receive started, even previous to the 9 inch enormous artillery is unleashed. One Time undressed, Kyle quickly starts feed on the biggest pecker cannon and service Sam sloppily, with tongue, face hole, one handed, afterwards 2. Next, Sam moves Kyle onto the desk where that guy folds the hairy blond in half and briefly returns the favour previous to burying his face betwixt Kyle's palatable cakes. Don't miss what happens after the tongue fucking when those 2 rock hard romeos give fresh meaning to the term 'desk job'.
Channel: Helix