Lovers' Lookout

Duration: 4min 30sec Views: 324 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: After taking in an epic sunset jointly, Troy offers this guy and Andy drive back to his place. Who could say no to Troy and that panties-dropping southern accent of his? Not Andy. Cut to the bedroom, where Troy's jock is growing thicker and harder betwixt Andy’s talented lips. Afterwards Andy sits down reverse cowboy, stretching his constricted aperture around each inch of Troy’s impossible girth. His own rock hard dong pointed skyward, Andy thoroughly enjoys each second being totally filled by Troy's overwhelming jock pounding his g-spot over and over. Andy can merely take so much in advance of this guy rockets a beefy load past his abs and chest, landing on his face and in his throat. Consummate ending to an epic night. Starring: Andy Taylor, Troy Ryan
Channel: Helix
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