Rainy Day Play

Duration: 4min 11sec Views: 959 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: When it’s this gloomy and moist outside, it can be dishy to just sit around and mope. But days like this are more good spent in the close company of a ally. Preferably a undressed ally with a corpulent, hard, ready ramrod, and an bewitching, panties-dropping southern accent. Yep, when it comes to beating these rainy day blues, Cooper and Troy have the right idea: clothing off and cocks out. With every thrust of Troy’s thick meat inside Cooper’s consummate, hungry aperture, it’s easier to forget the dreary mood outside. In Troy’s bedroom, those chaps are groaning in ecstasy, making the almost all of a shitty day. Starring: Cooper Metallic, Troy Ryan
Channel: Helix
Tags: ryan