Dickin' of the Sea

Duration: 5min 55sec Views: 419 Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: Go on a romantic date with Blake Mitchell and Cole Claire at the aquarium. The porntastic couple acquire closer at each exhibit. They have enjoyment with the fish, tickle and touch the stingrays and receive unfathomable with cozy conversation amongst the jellyfish when Blake goes in for a kiss. Cole bounces inside the living room back at the abode and teasingly receives on all fours hoping to "catch a large one!" Fortunate for him, Mr. Mitchell is packin'! Claire gasps when this guy unfurls his giant uncut phallus, afterward gags on the huge as this guy takes each inch down to the balls! Blake reaches back teasing the kid's caboose and Claire just keeps on engulfing. Blake puts a mean licking down on Cole's penis as well in advance of lifting his legs and going ham on his hind end! Mitchell maneuvers his tongue unfathomable into our dude's marvelous bubble, afterwards aims his 1st 2 fingers at the bullseye like a gun. This Guy pulls his trigger, pushing his mad fingers in and hitting Cole's hawt spot unfathomable inside. That Guy goes back and forth with his darting tongue and chubby fingers until Claire is willing to screech for a fucking. Blake brings his large, bareback boner to Cole's ramrod hungry aperture and slides that bad gayboy right in, easing each pang Cole has ever had. This Chab eases his hammer out but merely lengthy sufficiently to give it a spit shine lube job and slide it back in even deeper. His biggest hog is met with whimpers from Cole who's been reduced to his basic animal instinct for hard, raw meat and raunchy gratification. Mitchell works the kid's can masterfully, going slow and fleshly afterward slamming his full length all the way inside. That Guy chuckles knowing this guy's cocked Claire like no one else and lets the guy know this chab's not even done yet. The pecker sure top sits back like a badass and signals for Cole to hop on for a ride. This Guy sits all the way down on Blake's thick penis as Mr. Mitchell reaches back to widen the kid's aperture even further. Clair screams in ecstasy being stretched to his raunchy restriction. Mitchell has put on some biggest muscle since we've final seen him and that guy definitely uses it here, lifting Claire from the daybed and smashing the kid in the air all the during the time that staying plugged in! Back on the ottoman Blake lays back and allows Cole to control the jock throttle. The gorgeous bottom bounces and rotates on Blake's bionic rig as his own piece bounces against Mitchell's well muscled torso. Cole steps on the gas and slams gazoo down whilst shifting his groin gear to high. His dong stretches and spits a thick, healthy river of nut as Blake gazes at the kid's pretty groin nearing the finish line himself. This Guy slams Cole's gap with a scarcely any greater quantity thrusts afterward pushes the chap back to spew a wicked, big load of nut that totally covers the dude's beautiful face. Cole wipes his mug with underclothing afterward goes back for one greater amount smack of Mitchell's sticky member.
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