Dig In

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Description: Cameron Parks is hard at work doing some gardening whilst boyfriend Shane Cook sits back sunning himself and flirting with his fellow who is doing ALL the work. Parks is NOT having it one bit! That Guy's throughout playing games and pretty soon our nice-looking gardener receives to hoeing with his super attractive, hard bodied chap toy! Cook makes up for slacking in the groundskeeping department by keeping his cocksmoker glued to his dude's gargantuan groin. This Guy may not have done work in the yard but Shane works the FUCK out of Cameron's weenie previous to tossing his legs in the air for a gapping precious butt eating! Shane widens Cameron's cheeks wide and works his tongue unfathomable to prepare Parks' taut little pucker for the beer can a-hole destroyer in his drawers. Shane sheds his shorts allowing that heavy uncut knob free to fuck. That Guy eases that GREATER QUANTITY than ample appendage up to Parks' trembling pucker and crams lightly. Livecam takes a hardly any unfathomable breaths, lifts his legs a little higher and allows the large, bareback beast inside of him. Cook takes his time, letting his guy's booty accept each thick inch this guy has to suggest. Livecam's toes curl as Cook cracks the whip on his colossal penis and blows the breaks off his lad's bottom. Top Dawg flips his slim sex toy over; afterward, this guy stuffs his hero hog back where it belongs previous to pulling Parks' a-hole off the ottoman to dig in unfathomable and obscene dog his chap. Cameron braces himself with one hand and works his trickling wand with the other. His palpitating dong can't hold it in any longer and this guy lets loose with pleasant release. Shane slides his raw spitting, spasming sword out of Cameron's well cocked can, unleashing a juicy, wild wrath all over Parks' back and ass in advance of collapsing onto his boy in a super hawt, 10-Pounder palpitating, pair's jizz coma.
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