Never Too Big

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Description: Recent youthful and beautiful, Garrett Graves is a smooth, hawt golden-haired gayboy relatively recent to the Helix roster. Putting the newbie to the test, we've coupled him with mega dicked Corbin Colby to watch how much the kid can take. From the jump, the chemistry is a shlong rocker. Locked in a throat watering make out session Colby reaches down to grab Grave's porcelain cheeks with his huge hands. Garrett is concerned to receive at Colby's legendary 10-Pounder and wastes no time dropping to his knees. With wide eyes and a wider throat, Garrett sluggishly pulls Corbin's panties down and one of the largest almost any glamorous pieces of meat ever filmed flops out with a large, hearty bounce. After Garrett composes himself, that guy receives to worshipping at the alter of Corbin's wang. This Guy breaths it in, prepares himself and gulps down a hefty portion of schlong. Like a prisoner salivating for his much loved meal, Garrett licks, sucks and gulps at each thick, powerful inch. Colby returns the favour on Garrett's marvelous groin as this chab strokes his own freshly sucked, sloppy soaked pecker. Afterward this guy spins his guy around and goes tongue 1st into Grave's smooth behind. Garrett reaches back and pulls Colby's head deeper inside him as his wazoo is spanked and tenderized. Corbin give one final take up with the tongue, stands up, aims his heavy torpedo at it's target and forges forward, bareback and full speed ahead. The ramrod wench takes the whole package, ALL of it right from the 1st thrust. This Guy settles into the fucking, putting one foot up on the couch so we watch each inch permeate as his schlong bounces. Corbin barks out a "ride me" command and Garrett hops on his hog with glee. The One And The Other guys are widen eagle and the view is glorious. One Time on his back Graves jacks his rock hard johnson and discharges an impressively hefty load all the way up Colby's chest hitting his chin! Colby can't live without each salty second of it and responds with return fire, getting Garrett's six pack valuable and sticky.
Channel: Helix