Beauties by the Bay

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Description: It's a gorgeous day by the bay; 2 of our hottest models, Brad Pursue and Wyatt Walker are adding to that hotty. Enjoying the scenery whilst stealing lusty looks at every other, this flawless pairing flirt hard core in advance of bringing that heat somewhere greater quantity personal. Country guy Wyatt has a world class weenie that receives schlong crazed Follow on his knees in light speed! Wyatt is a logger in his home city and has quite the fascinating log of his own! The thing is like a redwood! The guys toss every other's tonsils, rearranging every other's mouths with every unfathomable thrust. Wyatt waxes Brad's arse with his tongue in advance of slamming his whole logger length inside. Afterward, in a magical pont of time of "take u'r bottom to work day" this chab shows us how true country loggers handle shit, hard, raw and quick. Brad can't keep his hands off his own handle, bringing his balls up to see the wonder of Wyatt wailing on his flawless butt. Walker devastates Brad's bubble in each position, pounding the kid like raw meat with his raw shlong. Relaxing into it, a calm ecstasy cums over Pursue's angelic face; afterwards, pure joy unleashes from one as well as the other chap's large boners. They cover one one more with ramrod, sperm and finish with kisses.
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