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Description: Jacob Hansen has been crushing on his buddy, Collin Adams. So far, he’s been ally zoned; however, when this guy finds out Adams is really a porn star and this chab can have the next most excellent thing, this guy takes matters into his own hands. The merely problem is, Collin is sleeping in a hotel sofa right next to him and wakes up, mid-jerk off! Unaware his buddy knew about his schlong filled career, Adams checks Hansen’s phone to watch what he’s jacking it to; and, lo and behold, it IS his video! Collin taunts his ally at 1st; but afterwards, Jacob acquires an idea. That Guy suggests the boy a ride on large rig, and when Adams sees the piece he’s packing, Jacob’s dream fuck quickly becomes a raw ramming reality! Collin straddles his recent couch buddy, afterwards kisses his caramel colored skin all the way to his jock! This Chab chokes down each winsome inch of Hansen’s massive hard on, gagging on the gargantuan groin as that guy goes. One Time he’s got Hansen’s hog slick with spit, this guy takes the ballsy dude up on his suggest and hops on for a ride! Jacob has been dreaming of this pont of time for months; so, he’s not intend to let it pass out of tasting the twink’s porn star piece! That Guy bobs that glamorous head up and down on that D hard; afterward, this guy feels Adams’ amazingly constricted arse with a fast moving finger or 2 in a pulse pounding, prostate milking! And lastly, that guy goes back at that butt to finish the coarse fuck this chab started!
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