Hayden's in Heat

Duration: 6min 54sec Views: 343 Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: Whenever u watch giant, meat wielding Micah West's name, u can wager your bottom dollar, it’s going to be a high octane, category 5 level dong destroyer; and this savage scene with newcomer, Hayden Lee is no exception! With raw erotic youthful testosterone filled enthusiasm, 1st timer Hayden handles himself AND Micah’s mega 10-Pounder with gracious skill. Slavemaster Micah grabs the pretty dude by the hair and hammers his face full of rod; and, Lee can't live without each sloppy second of it. Even thanking the thick dicked lad with lusty licks to his funk filled low hangers. Willing for soever cums next, Hayden stands. West wets his throat with beautiful boy’s pouty lips, afterward attack’s the boy’s bone like a stud, unfathomable throating each inch of the constricted bodied newbie’s well hung hog. Micah lays on the couch, willing to smack Hayden’s sexy gap. Lee sits his wonderful butt right down on the dude’s face, afterwards fills his throat with Micah’s meat one time greater quantity in a sizzling hawt 69 session. West wiggles his tongue out of the dude’s pretty backside and replaces it with raw, furious shlong. Lee’s loins are spit slick, open, and willing for a ramming. West bulldozes his beast in out of leniency, just now drilling into the unfathomable end of the fresh dude’s derrière with each thick palpitating inch of his perfectly curved prostate punisher. That Guy flips Hayden over onto his back, and proceeds the fabulous gazoo assault, moving his masculine, veiny hands betwixt the boy’s 10-Pounder and mouth during the time that continuing to stuff him full of fuck. Micah whispers, “ride me." Our nice lad does as he’s said and slips his thick, firm backside down on the D, bouncing so hard, Micah's giant meat flops out and reprimands him with a stern taste on the wazoo! From afterwards on, Hayden keeps the shlong lodged unfathomable. West’s curved schlong hits Hayden’s hawt spot, and that guy begins to sweat. Afterward, intent on making a splash in his 1st flick, this chab jacks his knob and spews an fabulous arch of cream throughout the air which lands on his additional big loined paramour. Impressively, the fresh guy keeps taking it untill the Schlong King fills his can with recent jizz! Instinctively, Hayden reaches back to move the super sized, spent appendage over to this babe side so we acquire the full view of his muddy, hawt spunk pie, oozing deliciously. Hayden proves this chab can hang in there with the superlatively good of the most excellent, and is definitely a superstar in the making!
Channel: Helix