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Description: Public speaking is a large fear for almost any folks; but, luckily for Ryan Bailey, that guy has a supportive boyfriend in Marcell Tykes that that guy can practice with previous to heading into class. Marcell even goes the additional mile, dropping his drawers since everybody says, just imagine the audience in their underclothing! But, with his half in nature's garb, super hot boyfriend in front of him, Bailey throws caution to the wind, his speech to the side and can merely focus on some serious fucking! This Chab shows Tykes his appreciation for trying to aid by stripping the rest of his garments off, giving a kiss the kid all over afterwards, poking his large, thick penis down the lad's thirsty face hole. Bailey may not be comfortable delivering a speech but, that guy sure can deliver some deviously winsome messy talk! Tykes is a disciplined dancer and has one of THE most good booties in porn and, Bailey can't resist burying his perfectly chiseled face unfathomable inside that round rump for a hawt, soaked tongue ramming. One Time prepped, Ryan rams some other one of his flawless features balls unfathomable for a bareback boning complete with gazoo smacks and a fucktastic fishhooking. After doing some injury in doggy style, the lads hop on the ottoman where Ryan works his nice-looking bottom multiple ways; a leg over his shoulder, wicked teat tweaks and a enormous hand around Tyke's mouth for added fun. Cumming into the home hammering, Bailey pulls his honey to the couch's edge to stand and deliver. With erotic encouragement from Ryan's potty face hole, Tykes tosses a titanic tidal wave of white hawt jerk off all over his nice-looking bronze skin and the sight sends Bailey's boner to the BUST station! This Chab milks his huge monster all over Marcell, covering the kid with even greater quantity cream. Afterward, the ferocious fucker flops his spent but STILL super sized sledgehammer down with a thick thump onto Tykes' constricted torso. Marcell reaches down and wraps his hand around the one and the other their sex cream overspread schlongs as the sex moist couple collapse in a postcoital kiss.
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