Pinned Down

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Description: Ryan Bailey and Oliver Saxon are feelin' feisty and obviously have some issues to work out. They're releasing some pent up raunchy tension by wrestling one one more in a beautiful San Diego park.... in public. #HOT Their virile juvenile bodies flex and ripple as they toss one some other around clad solely in short shorts and muscle T's. Pinned to the ground by rambunctious Bailey, hawt Saxon can't aid but acquire hard in his loose fitting grey sweat shorts. The wrestling proceeds inside untill the lads wear themselves out and wind up in a snuggle pile stealing salty kisses. The nice-looking couple peel off their raiment and Ryan receives to work eating Saxon's piece, still soaked with pleasant, salty, tasty youthful stud sweat. Bailey works his way down to Oliver's extraordinary booty, which is a true thing of girl. That Guy dominates the kid's gap with his darting tongue in advance of Olie flips Bailey on his back and unfathomable mouths the shit out of the gayboy's legendary big loin. Saxon climbs on top of the freshly sucked wang and squats his flawless a-hole right down on Ryan's cock rubber free dong, no lube required. Bailey bangs our guy's bubble all over the sofa, doing bewitching harm in several salacious poses until Saxon can no longer contain his jism. Looking directly into Bailey's eyes, the lad blows a naughty amount of nut all over his smooth, rippled torso. Willing to explode, Ryan jumps up and rams his shlong right in Oliver's open face hole. Our gayboy eats each thick, soaked drop in advance of Bailey plants one greater amount kiss on Oliver's marvelous knob sucker.
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