Chandler Handler

Duration: 1min 00sec Views: 728 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Chandler Mason and Colton James compliment every other's soaked worthy looks so well they're like perfectly matched bookends. With similar body types and equal levels of sexiness those 2 could be giving a kiss cousins and we would not complain. Colton acquires vocal with some deliciously devious filthy talk as that guy bonks Chandler's face hole. Mr. James eggs his buddy on, making him give all this chab's got as Chandler chokes on his large battering ram. As a award for being such a precious little pecker sucker, this guy spits on Mason's manhood in advance of ripping his panties off and throwing his legs in the air. No Thing is greater quantity honest than when Chandler says "I need that shlong." This Chab does.... Bad. Colton is glad to fulfill that need. This bad lad goes in in nature's garb back, and just now bangs away. This Chab keeps Chandler in control with one hand on his face hole and the other on his ramrod. Bottom gayboy's eyes glaze over in complete bondage and pure enjoyment. In a slight balance of force Chandler climbs on top for a coarse ride but Colton reminds him who's in change with a little love choke. Hard as a rock and looking like a missile, Chandler implores for his top to go harder making him let loose the love juice. Colton blows all up in Mason's manhole afterward widens his cheeks to take a peek. Perfection.
Channel: Helix
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