Good Christian Boy

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Description: Devilishly delightful Joey Mills has the guise of an angelic cherub and precious dude Christian Bay simply can't resist. Large handed Bay begins laying hands on the kid's smooth torso as each piece of him pulses with anticipation. Eventually this guy gives into his sensual urges and blesses Christian with his large wang, communion style. That's all this gorgeous Christian needs to unleash his darksome side and this guy's pretty soon face 1st in Joey's large smooth, moist trunk. Wrapped in the heat of sensual wish, Christian plunges his gigantic staff into the teenage tempter RAW! Mounting the kid like a lion, Bay puts a punishing on Joey's booty with vigour and dedication. Writhing in ecstasy, Joey takes his castigation with joy and is rewarded with Christian's seed in a heavenly semen pie kiss goodbye. Bless u child.
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