Neighborhood Nookie

Duration: 5min 32sec Views: 188 Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: For wicked neighbors Greco Rai & Andy Taylor, a pre-hump stroll around the hood was a great way to jumpstart the erotic juices and put 'em in the mood for makin' it. One Time back at Andy's pad, a snogfest just now ensues as the 2 gayboy girls show just how concerned they are for act. In A Short Time on his knees, Greco drink's Andy's 8 inch Excalibur in advance of Taylor orders him up and on to the sofa. There, Andy buries his face betwixt Greco's taut, round cushions. Don't miss a minute of this twinktastic tale as our stars prove that some of the almost any enjoyable scenery can be most good observed from your living room.
Channel: Helix
Tags: taylor