Playing Doctor

Duration: 4min 37sec Views: 737 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Nice thing Elijah is studying to become a doctor. His boyfriend Dalton appears to be to be suffering from an acute physiological condition called “Horny as Fuck”. Symptoms include an uncontrollable fixation on Elijah’s bubble arse, and a massive protrusion growing from his groin area. There is merely one known cure for this ailment. The patient have to be bedridden, sucked, and drilled until his feverish longing is relieved. Proving his dedication as a future physician and boyfriend, Elijah puts his own gazoo on the line by taking all of Dalton’s heavy, swollen schlong inside him. The brawny Russian dong is already on the road to recovery as Elijah takes his brutal, large dong pounding like a true professional.
Channel: Helix