Boys Abroad: Part 2 - Cabo San Lucas

Duration: 5min 34sec Views: 332 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: This all started when Kyle Ross called me up and said me his family owns a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that they aren’t using. That Guy invited us to join him, Max Carter and Luke Allen there for a little rest and relaxation. I’ve worked with Max, Kyle and Luke for over 3 years and we've become life lengthy allies so it was facile to say yeah, and moreover, who could turn down an suggest like that! I brought a little handy webcam with us and decided to take movie scene of the journey so we’d have a home video of our vacation. I had no idea what it would turn out like. It’s unscripted, no set-up, just the gayboys being themselves and having enjoyment. I acquire asked a lot what it’s like to hang out with those boys in real life and this movie is the flawless answer. An private look at the lives and personalities of those insane, joy, hawt gayboys. You’ll feel like u're there in Cabo with 'em even when they take the camera from me and head into the bedroom for some vacation sex.
Channel: Helix