V-Day Play

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Description: It’s Valentine’s Day and Collin Adams is sulking, expecting for his workaholic stud, Josh Brady to receive home from the office. When Josh lastly rolls in wearing the hell out of a hawt costume and tie but, empty handed, naturally Collin assumes this chab forgot about Valentine’s. Brady eggs Adams on a bit, teasing the gay teen and acting like this chab hasn’t a clue what day it is. Their playful chemistry is super cute; and, when Brady brings flowers in, the Valentine’s Day romance blooms with a gangbang! The pair kiss afterwards, Collin makes his way downtown to say I love u with a lusty take up with the tongue job to Josh’s “heart” on. Keeping the romance going, Brady bastes his boy’s smooth body in kisses everywhere. Afterward, this guy jacks one as well as the other their dicks jointly right there in the kitchen previous to lifting Collin's smooth can up onto the center island and making a meal out of his powerful member. Lustful and hungry for dessert, Brady tongue blasts his boy’s nice-looking ass, widening and massaging his smooth cheeks as this chab works that tongue in unfathomable. Next, built Brady whisks Collin into their bedroom and bareback bangs the breaks off his boy’s backend with Adams’ ankles resting on his shoulders. Josh jemmys his biggest 10-Pounder into Adams’ booty each which way, taking his tush on a full fuck voyage for the paramours' holiday. Coming into the sexy homestretch, Collin is on top, riding JB’s large rig hard. Brady bangs his haunches up at the guy, bringing him to a full boil! Collin can’t contain his rolling river of romance and this chab busts all over Brady’s strong frame, shooting clear past his pink, hard, pierced nips. The joy of lovely his partner causes Josh’s pecker to jet and, that guy explodes, firing a fuck load of sex cream at Collin's crack. Not wanting to waste a Valentine semen pie, this chab shoves his penis back up Adams’ butt, warming him with his wad from aperture to heart.
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