Ian & Giovanni

Duration: 2min 37sec Views: 692 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Ian is enjoying some intimate time, jerking off himself in his dorm room. This Guy has no idea Giovanni is watching throughout the slightly open door. Giovanni is enjoying the show, and ends up unzipping and jerking off his own hard pecker. One Time this chab's found, Ian doesn't appear to be shy at all and invites the "peeping Tom" to join him. Giovanni's sexy little booty pokes out of his jeans during the time that that guy sucks Ian off, exposing a taut lad gap that Ian can't assist but play with. Fortunate Ian was fantasizing about arse on his own, and is now pounding the hell out of an unexpected visitor. Giovanni is face down on the couch wearing no thing but his tube socks, getting reamed by his fella Fratboy. Ian doesn't stop arse-slamming the chap until this guy has to pull out and sperm all over Giovanni's face.
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