#helix: Kody Knight and Cooper Steel

Duration: 6min 13sec Views: 439 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Helix Heartthrob Kody Knight returns to the sweetheart seat, this time with southern hottie Cooper Iron in this edition of #helix. This round, the gayboys open up about when they 1st realized they were homosexual and hint about off-screen romance. One Time those 2 gayboys go from questions to coupling, it's anything a Helix fan could ask for. Some steamy engulfing face and fondling of fatties leads to an epic 69 session in advance of our boyz take the 1st ever position request from u, the viewer! We won't ruin the surprise, so click begin and see Kody Knight lay pipe & Cooper Metallic take u on one nice ride!
Channel: Helix