Hotel Helix: Bellhop

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Description: Hotel helix is busy, and bustling with glamorous lads! Writer Spencer Locke (who has actually grown into his gorgeous chap looks) checks into a room to receive away from it all, and clear up his writer’s block. In Advance Of taking a relaxing shower, that guy connects with marvelous bellhop, Reece Jackson. Moist dude Jackson can’t acquire Hotel Helix’s newest guest off his mind so this guy finds an excuse to knock on Locke’s door one time greater quantity. And, this time Spencer satisfies the twink’s lascivious hunger with his biggest, glamorous prick! After puttin’ in some slurpy, juicy work, Reece gets some weenie engulfing compensation from the thirsty writer, previous to our gayboy orders Reece face down- arse up for a sexual worthy rim-job. Locke smacks his pliant backseat a pair times for priceless measure; afterward, slips that massive hog of his right on in. His thrust is met with mighty groans and a “fuck me” from Reece, who can’t appear to be to acquire sufficiently; so, Mr. Top Gay Teen picks up the pace, and TRULY lays it down. After some captivating, doggy style dicking, Jackson takes Locke’s Johnson for a booty jumper of a ride, which is met with our top’s yummy thrusts. The boyz switch it up afresh, and Reece finds himself on his back getting team-fucked out priceless! Spicy Spencer serves it up so severely, that this guy bonks the jism right out of the tanned skin hotty. The hot sight is also much for Spencer to handle, and this chab quickly winds up painting the gorgeous boy’s “fuck me please face,” and smooth torso with tube steak toss. Spencer goes in for a kiss, and tastes his own enjoyable bone butter in the porny process. Perfection.
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