Beach Bums: Florida - Part Three

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Description: The lads are settling in to the Florida “Beach Abode,” and getting mighty comfortable with every other, sharing secrets, and ottoman hopping with the most good of 'em! Exotic Aiden Garcia, and marvelous Garrett Kinsley look like a fantasy running onto the beach from the nice-looking ocean surf, hand in hand. Naturally, they head right back to the beach abode for a slutty afternoon hook-up. The minute the sun worshippers close the door behind 'em, all bets, and clothing, are off! They play with their pulsing packages over swim trunks, and kiss each inch of salty, perspired flesh in advance of Kinsley cleans Aiden’s greater quantity than ample, uncut appendage for him. Garcia’s returns the sloppy priceless favour on Garrett’s gargantuan, golden dude groin, in advance of taking a unfathomable smack of his fabulous a-hole. After the epic arse eating, kinsley takes a seat right on Aiden’s penis, and acquires to grinding, but NICE. That Guy reaches back and widens his cheeks for an even deeper dicking. Afterward, our marvelous bottom spins around on Garcia’s engorged groin and gives us a glamorous, bouncy bone show, with a little assist from Aiden’s massive hands. The versatile twosome trade topping poses and Garcia acquires got REAL admirable, on his bronze back! Garrett goes hard and enormous, heaving his hog into the playgirl, untill Aiden’s uncut monster explodes, spitting cum all over his taut, teenboy tummy. Kinsley pulls out, and adds to the party, coating the girl with greater quantity ball batter, covering him not quite to his gorgeous, bronze nips.
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