Hotel Helix: Trophy Boys

Duration: 0min 54sec Views: 869 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: After an epic award’s ceremony where one as well as the other Helix honeys, Eli Bennet, and Garrett kinsley come back with the gold for “Best Scene,” Garrett begins wondering if the consummate couple should become a force pair, and Starr’s flirting…. HARD. They were supposed to head out to the after party; but, Eli catches Garrett’s vibe, and the gayboys go for the gold afresh, merely this time in the privacy of their own hotel room. Eli eats Kinsley’s Dong, previous to being invited to sit on the boy’s face, for a ferocious 69 session. After getting the raven haired hottie’s aperture precious and moist, Garret invites the beautiful chap to take a seat on his hog. Bennet bounces on that large bone like a whore in heat, until Garrett hits it from the back in a bewitching doggy. This Chab mounts the youthful, smooth wench like a lion and INDEED goes to work, previous to offering up his own arse for a pile 10-Pounder driver from Eli’s heavy appendage. Bennet breaks Kinsley’s Pecker hungry gap, causing the impure golden-haired to explode all over his own mug in a pont of time of pure, porn perfection. However, this sex cream fest is far from over! Eli steps back, and aims his wide weapon directly at Garrett’s thirsty, heavily thrusted aperture and ejaculates each ounce of drip he’s got into Garrett’s glorious, hawt gap. Those “Trophy Boys” put their hotel room throughout some porn consummate paces, and after that wild workout, who needs an after party!
Channel: Helix