Playing with Balls

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Description: New from a swim in towels and trunks, Dustin Cook and Gabe Isaac head inside for a feisty game of pool. Gabe breaks and the chaps begin a game, but betwixt the phallic pool sicks in their hands and the banging of balls they the one and the other start to hunger for the real McCoy; furthermore, Gabe's stick out weighs any pool que in the room. Dustin does some lip smacking, palatable injury on Isaac's heavy appendage afterward lifts the kid's legs up, widens Gabe's cheeks like butter and tongue bangs the gayboy's bung gap. After that yummy tease, Isaac's gazoo is begging for smth greater amount so Cook delivers, driving his dong unfathomable inside and not letting up untill his balls hit the dude's bottom. The chaps flip the scrip and Cook climbs onto the pool table to squat down on Gabe's super massive jock. Dustin's hawt gap handles the monster like a kid in a bounce abode at a birthday party as Isaac strokes Cook's penis as it flops around flirting inches from his face. Dustin hops off the pool table and aims for Isaac's corner wang pocket. Gabe's massive hog looks heavenly heaving around with some mighty heft to it as that guy keeps jerking off. The hot pool sharks can't hold their craving filled loins for one more instant! Gabe's groin stretches out even longer afterward lets loose a load precious of his king sized penis. Dustin douses Gabe's WHOLE back, shooting far and wide. This Chab smothers the kid in cream all the way up to his shoulders, afterwards squeezes out each final lusty fuck drop on to Isaac's wazoo from his bountiful load of ball juice.
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