Cro Pack

Duration: 4min 13sec Views: 312 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Some chaps arrive to appear in front of the cameras for the 1st time super nervous and unsure of themselves, whilst other gayboys walk in with hawt attitude and the kind of confidence u'd await to watch in a performer who's been doing this for a whilst. Cro Pack is definitely among the latter. U'll be surprised by his easygoing attitude when u kick back to see his debut movie scene for BoyFun. From the pont of time this attractive and lean juvenile stud arrives and begins playing with his bulging knob in his jeans u can watch that guy's down to play. This Guy actually loves knowing this guy has an audience and that guy can't expect to acquire his shlong out and show it off. It's elementary to watch why this youthful stud has such an attitude, this guy's got a super sporty and lean body to share with us and after being a tease with his dong bulge in his snug briefs this guy's willing to disclose his lengthy uncut penis and bouncing balls. With a little porn to see on his phone his ramrod is swelling up hard and this guy's giving it some worthwhile squeezes and strokes, flashing his smooth booty and enticing us to come closer. With his experienced and persistent rubbing his large ramrod begins to spit a thick mess of ball batter out over his belly, all during the time that that guy makes eye contact with the camera. That Guy's such a hawt show off, we can't await to watch him back afresh.
Channel: BoyFun