Delivery Man Special

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Description: Everybody at Helix Studios is out to lunch except Blake Carnage when a shipment arrives. Blake signs for the package and gives the delivery dude a voyage of the studio. Christian Collins makes a decision to take it one step further, this guy begins making out with hotty Blake Carnage. Afterwards Blake begins to sucks the constricted lad's chubby shlong. The 2 super gay teens resolve to do a little 69 act after that, as Christian afterwards lays down and Blake rides his biggest rod. Christian flips Blake over and pounds the cute faced American lad's taut gazoo doggy-style. Those super sexy nubiles come to a conclusion to finish off in the missionary position; Blake shooting his load on his twinky chest, and Christian releasing his warm sticky load on Blake's bewitching face. Starring: Christian Collins, Blake Carnage
Channel: Helix