Spank Bank

Duration: 5min 06sec Views: 928 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Dalton enters his intimate room at the spunk bank, willing to whip out his monster knob and rub out a healthy specimen of milky-white cream. Problem is, the mother I'd like to fuck magazines they’ve provided for visual assist indeed aren’t doing it for him. A little phone sex from boyfriend Jessie is greater quantity like it. Turns out, all Dalton needs to receive off is some obscene talk, a vivid imagination, and his right hand. In A Short Time, Jessie has Dalton picturing his pliant gazoo bent over the couch, cheeks parted to make way for the Russian hunk to press in his huge, uncut dick, each thick inch sliding in and out of Jessie’s taut aperture until one as well as the other lads are groaning in ecstasy. It appears to be so real, so intensive, Dalton momentarily forgets that he’s still sitting alone in a semen bank with his cock in his hand and a load of semen in the cup.
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