Dickin' Dixon

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Description: This Day is actually a very specific day. No, there won’t be a lunar eclipse, but smth just as uncommon is about to occur. We all know Jacob Dixon as the lengthy-dicked legal age gay teenager top who skewers Helix bottoms left and right. Isn’t it about time that guy got a smack of his own medicine? We think so. Yeah, this day is the day Jacob bottoms. So, who is the fortunate stud to receive the honor of topping him? That would be none other than resident megastud Evan Parker. It’s been about six months since everything went into Jacob’s butt, so he’s fastened to be very constricted. Evan doubts he’ll be able to handle the hard cock pounding he’s about to acquire. So, how does Jacob have a fun Evan's ideal dong slamming into him? See and discover out.
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