Top Floor Bottom

Duration: 5min 12sec Views: 813 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Whilst taking in a glamorous view of the town Andy Taylor and Caleb Johnson can't appear to be to keep their hands off every other. Giving A Kiss and groping leads the chaps into the bedroom. Andy devours Caleb's wet rod afterwards spins around to fill Caleb's face hole in a smokin' 69. See Andy's smooth, rippling body ride and grind atop Caleb. Caleb finishes 'em one as well as the other off in the missionary position driving Andy to blow his load all over his chest and face. Cream-doxy Caleb cums on Andy's still hard jock afterward cleans it off like a admirable gayboy. Starring: Andy Taylor, Caleb Johnson
Channel: Helix
Tags: taylor